The Imaginary City

Museum International, UNESCO, Paris, July-September 1995

Autor: Brigitte Szenczi

In 1985/86, Juan Antonio Mañas and I created a series of paintings on the theme of and imaginary city which would resemble an enormous museum built on three levels and linked by a network of corridors and more-or-less secret passages. Works of art from all times and places would be theatrically presented according to criteria totally different from those generally accepted in museums. Some would be heaped in piles, others, on the contrary, would be set out in an immense space, thus acquiring the density of a precious jewel. The purpose of such a stage setting? To arrive a knowledge through aesthetic emotion. In fact, this city-as-museum would seek to be a mirror reflecting our feelings at the point where past, present and future merge in a space that would be theatre of memory.

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